CrossFit POP’s Family Workout

In September 2023, CrossFit POP officially introduced our “Family Workout” class, and the response has been outstanding.  We previously tried this concept in  summer of 2020 with outdoor workouts, but unpredictable weather conditions (and waterfowl droppings) caused the class to fade away. Now that we’re back in a proper gym space, we are able to run great classes for parents and kids to participate together.


The problem:

Parenting is a full time job with a lot of responsibilities. Many parents sacrifice their own needs, such as exercise and physical fitness, to bring children to their sports, lessons, play dates, and other activities. Often times, they need to find child care in order to be able to go to the gym and get their workouts done.


The solution:

Create a class that allows parents and children to exercise together. Since CrossFit workouts can be easily scaled up or down depending on the person’s size, age, strength, endurance, and experience, it makes sense that these would be CrossFit style workouts.


The results:

  1. Parents and children are finishing classes sweaty and tired, but with big smiles.
  2. Parents and children are bonding over something healthy and fulfilling.
  3. Children are learning at a young age that fitness is important.
  4. Parents get to feel like kids again, doing things they haven’t done in years, like somersaults and monkey bars.
  5. Everyone has a great time!



The future:

Within a few weeks, our family workout has become one of our most popular classes. We plan to continue to expand the schedule to create more opportunities for new families to participate. We will also add the option to schedule private workouts for one or more families. In the end, we hope that this concept grows until families everywhere are getting closer and creating amazing memories during these wonderful workouts.

-Coach Phil

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